Hey girls and guys do you love feeding your stomach with spicy and tangy food items? If the above statement is yes, then you should certainly read this article below which gives you a detailed description about pros and cons of eating spicy eatables in your diet!

It is true that eating if you are too much fond of eating spicy and hot food items in your diet, you can certainly lose your body weight. Spicy food items contain capsaicin that increases your body heat, increases the metabolic rate of your body and thus fastens the calorie burning process of your body. So whenever you want to get rid of those extra pounds from your body, start eating spicy eatables in your diet.

Moreover you all would be glad to read that intake of chilies in your regular diet helps in preventing cardiovascular problems. Also they enhance the resistance power in your body in a great way.

If spicy eatables provides you with good amount of benefits on one hand then on other hand excess intake of them can have negative effects on your body! Keep in mind that excessive and regular intake of spicy food items can cause oral ulcers. Even spicy eating items can result in improper digestion of food in your stomach and cause problems like heartburn etc.

Regular intake of a spicy diet can suppress one’s appetite. It can increase the heat in body and cause hot flashes in body. Spicy food also results in nose bleeding, sweating, fever and swelling near gum areas. Increased amount of heat in body also makes the skin vulnerable to skin ailments like acne, pimples etc.

Pregnant women should avoid eating spicy food items otherwise they can get affected by the problems of heartburn and digestive related ailments making them irritable and uncomfortable.

Source by Neha Rathore