Fashion trends keep on changing with time however fur jackets and coats are the perfect clothing accessories that never go out of fashion. A Norwegian blue fox fur coat is a symbol of class, elegance and sophistication to say the least. Its innovation dates back to several decades and even today people love wearing jackets made up of blue fox fur. Anyone who wants to take good care of his Norwegian blue fox fur jacket or coat needs to ensure that he does follow the right tips and guidelines which can help in making the process easier.

Tips and instructions to follow

1. The process of taking care of your fur jacket starts with hanging the coat on a suitable padded hanger. You should hang the coat in a place which is away from humidity or direct sunlight. The closet shouldn’t have any steam pipes that could damage the fabric badly. The best option however is to take your coat to an expert furrier who could help you with all kinds of storage and cleaning procedures.

2. A plastic bag shouldn’t be used for covering the coat as plastic tends to damage the fabric over a long period of time. This is an essential consideration for you if you are willing to take good care of your coat.

3. Avoid wearing any kind of heavy jewelry or shoulder bag that could damage the coat badly. You should instead team up your coat with linen shirts and basic accessories.

4. Once you’ve been out in the snow you must shake out the coat properly when you get back. It would help you get rid of all the dirt and dust right then and there. Keep it in your usual storage area so that it doesn’t get dirtier.

5. When you’re planning to go on a long car ride then you should avoid wearing this coat because chances are that it might get dirty pretty easily.

6. Don’t forget to visit an expert dry cleaner and furrier from time to time as he could surely help you keep the coat in good shape for a long period of time.

7. Properly clean and wash the fur coat every six months so that you can keep its fabric away from any kind of dirt and dust.

These were some of the major instructions and tips that one could follow as far as taking good care of Norwegian Blue fox fur jacket is concerned.

Source by James Zhemslis