You can read this Christmas Diary and learn how fast things can go haywire for even the most determined Weight conscious people.

Have you ever been in the position that this person has been in?

You start off with good intentions and then wonder why everything went wrong.

Going without food can build up to a craving because your sugar levels have gone right down. Then when you do eat foods that are sugary or you drink too much alcohol, your determination gets even weaker and you are out of control. You can read more about this with Authors such as Gary Taubes, Robert Ludwig and Zoe Harcombe.

As you read this you may either identify with what is happening, or you may find it surprising to know what it can be like if you have never been in this position

December 20

I have done really well this month with my Diet. Being so busy and stressed out I have not been hungry and I have lost quite a bit of weight. So my clothes are a bit loose and I am feeling good about myself. Looking forward to Christmas: I know that I can indulge after not eating much in the last month or so. I am going to a special do tomorrow night, so I will not eat very much during the day, so that I can save the calories for the meal.

December 21 and 22

Had a fabulous time at the Dinner and Dance, but I am afraid that I overdid the food and wine. I had such a hangover yesterday that I could not even write in my diary.

I remembering starting off with a glass of red wine when we got there and this went straight to my head, as I had not eaten all day. We had a wonderful meal, but I don’t remember exactly what I ate, just that I enjoyed every mouthful. The wine was flowing freely and I obviously drank too much as I felt so lousy when I woke up yesterday. To top it all although I could not face food yesterday morning, as the day wore on I started craving sugary starchy foods. The mince pies in the cupboard were speaking to me! So I had one, which led to another and then I thought that cream would be nice on top of them. After that it just went completely hay wire and I ate everything in sight.

So tomorrow I will starve myself again.

December 23

It’s bedtime and I have done very well today: all I’ve had was a fat-free yoghurt and a cup of packaged soup. I was very busy again and must admit that I did have a latte while in the shopping mall. But as I wasn’t eating I didn’t think it mattered, and I ate the little biscuit that they give away with the coffee. Oh yes, I also had a few nuts and dried fruit this evening. But then they are healthy aren’t they?

December 24

How I love Christmas Eve! Cooking and preparing for tomorrow. I had a lovely time tasting all the home- made sausage rolls and mince pies. There were Christmas carols on the radio, and we had people singing in the street tonight as well. Went to midnight mass and they had mince pies and mulled wine on offer. It was a wonderful atmosphere and so conducive to eating the wrong foods. But what does it matter? It’s Christmas!

Christmas Day

There is no point to writing about what I ate here. Let’s just say that I went mad and enjoyed myself. The more I ate the more I wanted. I am in a daze and just want to go to sleep.

December 26

In the UK this day is Boxing Day. Traditionally it is a sporting day.

Also people eat cold meats and salads and foods left over from Christmas Day. For me the left-over’s were the chocolates, sweets and crisps that nobody really wanted after our huge Christmas dinner yesterday. I think that I have said enough!

December 27

I went for a long walk today and had a fainting fit halfway around. I had to call into a house on the edge of the woods to ask if they would phone my husband to come and get me. I think it was probably a hypoglycemic attack after the huge portion of Christmas cake that I had for lunch. My eating is all over the place. I am beginning to look forward to the New Year so that I can start my new diet!

December 28, 29 and 30

I went shopping in the book store to see if they have any new diets that I haven’t tried yet. I have tried just about every diet under the sun in the past. I used a voucher that I had to buy a book called The Obesity Epidemic by Zoe Harcombe.

I have continued to eat everything in sight though, must get rid of all the foods that I should not eat before the first day of January so that I can start the new diet. It would be an awful waste to just chuck it all in the bin but I know that if it is in the cupboard I won’t be able to resist it. I am determined to stick to a diet. I am pretty sure I have gone up a size in clothes since the middle of December and I have put on nearly a stone.

December 31

The book is excellent. It talks about the calorie myth and how counting calories doesn’t work. Well I know that counting calories has not worked for me in the past. It also points out that the main culprits are sugar and refined carbohydrates. Perhaps this is a clue as to why once I started eating this Christmas I couldn’t stop!

The food industry has made us into food addicts and once we start to eat this type of food we cannot stop. There is such a lot to learn from this book and apparently there are other books written in a similar vein.

I am not going to just go on another diet, but will start to follow the principles outlined in this book and find out more about it. Apparently the best way to lose weight is to keep to Real Foods and avoid processed refined foods. I will get New Years Eve over with and tomorrow I will spend the day researching on the internet.

This will be the last Christmas that I get into such a pickle with my eating. It has been the same for many years and it is spoiling my enjoyment. I want to learn to have a healthy attitude to food and eating!

Source by Patricia E Cherry