Finding dinosaur toys for kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs can be a little daunting if you know NOTHING about dinosaurs (like I do)! These dino obsessed children know all the dinosaur names and whether they were an herbivore or carnivore and probably much more, so your dinosaur toy selection needs to be spot on!

What To Get A Kid Who Loves Dinosaurs?

My boys are super into dinosaurs right now. I started looking around online for some ideas for Christmas gifts for them, which prompted me to put this guide together.

But what about moms who don’t know where to look for dinosaur toys for kids? Maybe you’re looking for a nephew or your child’s friend who loves dinosaurs.

I’ve got you covered! All the dinosaur toys you could ever need.

What Are Some Really Cool Dinosaur Toys For Boys?

When you are looking for dinosaur toys for kids who love dinosaurs you have a big task ahead of you! There are a lot of dinosaur toys out there.

If you are looking for that special dinosaur toy for the kid who already seems to have everything, there is bound to be something here for you.

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Giant Toy Dinosaurs

Melissa And Doug T-Rex Giant Stuffed Animal

Largest Dinosaur Toys

The perfect cuddly dinosaur toy for your little one from the trusted toy brand Melissa and Doug. At 26″ high, this stuffed dinosaur can be snuggled and played with by little kids and big kids.

Jurassic World Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex

largest dinosaur toys

Yes, this is a dinosaur toy you feed! My son got this for his birthday. It’s MASSIVE at 3 feet long! He loves to feed the smaller dinosaurs to this giant T-Rex. You can put them in his mouth and then they store up to 20 mini-figures in his belly. His tail, jaw, and feet are moveable.

Fans of the movie might also like the Colossal Velociraptor Blue who can also hold up to 20 mini-figures.

large dinosaur toys

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World, T-Rex Dinosaur

At about 18″ high kids can make this T-Rex can break free from his cage and chomp and stomp around. His eyes light up red or green. The set comes with a vehicle and Owen figure that can be launched from the launch pad. Kids control this big Tyrannosaurus Rex with the handle on his back.

Swimline T-Rex Giant Ride-On

How’s this for a dinosaur toy for kids?! Your kids will love being able to take their dinosaur fun outside. This giant inflatable dinosaur will be great for your next pool party or just lounging around. Not recommended for children under 4.

Educational Dinosaur Toys

Creativity For Kids Grow ‘N Glow Dinosaur Habitat

Educational Dinosaur toys

Kids can make their own dinosaur habitat with this terrarium kit. With it comes a container and potting soil so they can grow chia, wheatgrass, and beans. Small dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils are also included. The thing kids will absolutely love is the light-up volcano!

This is an awesome learning toy for kids who love dinosaurs. They will plant and grow plants, learn about dinosaurs and use their creativity to design their own terrarium.

National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit

educational dinosaur toys

This fun STEM learning toy comes with dinosaur eggs and excavation tools. Your kids can use the tools to find their own little dinosaurs in the eggs. There are 12, so there is plenty to share or to enjoy solo. The accompanying guide provides facts and details about each of the species of dinosaurs they will uncover in the eggs.

This is a winner. It’s on my list to get my children.

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Mighty Dinosaur

Educational dinosaur toys

The LEGO Creator sets are my favorite LEGO sets for boys. My guys have a few of these, including this dinosaur one, and they love them.

What’s special about the Creator sets is that they come with 3 sets of instruction booklets allowing your child to build 3 different things from the same set. To me, that’s like buying 3 sets for the price of one! For more great STEM toys for boys head over to my STEM toy guide.

Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition

educational dinosaur toys

Ok so this ISN’T a toy but my dinosaur loving 2nd grader checked this out of the library and he loved it so much he wanted to buy it from the book fair at school. Of course, I found it on Amazon much cheaper for you.

This book is full of large, colorful pictures and tons of interesting facts about your child’s favorite dinosaurs. It comes in hardcover and paperback.

Small Dinosaur Toys

Jurassic World Bag of 15 3″ Dinosaurs

Small dinosaur toys

My kids have a few of these and they are the perfect size for feeding to the giant T-Rex (above). They are a good size for your kids to take with them to grandma’s or in the car. All your kids’ favorites from the movie are in this pack, including the Indominus Rex (exclusive to this set).

Pull Back Original Dinosaur Cars 4 Pack

Small dinosaur toys

How cute are these little cars? Pull them back and watch them go! This 4 pack set includes a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tatankacephalus, Triceratops, and Dilophosaurus. There are several different sets like this but I thought this one was the more detailed one and they are made from non-toxic BPA free plastic.

Boley 40 Piece Big Bucket Toys-Tub Of Educational Dinosaurs

Small Dinosaur Toys

This bucket is full of small colorful dinosaur figures, including a few trees and rocks for more realistic play. The handy bucket with handle lets your child carry it with them anywhere. This is a cool dinosaur toy for 5 year olds since it can be played anywhere and stored easily.

Jurassic World Snap Squad 4 Pack

These favorites from the Jurassic World movies will “snap” onto your finger, clothes, backpacks, and other accessories. Kids will love pulling back on their heads to see their mouths open.

The cartoonish design takes them from ferocious to adorable! These are going in stockings for sure since they are a fairly cheap dinosaur toy.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Pterodactyl Dinosaur

This is cool because you don’t see a lot of Pterodactyl toys. It’s small enough to take it with you in the car or put in your bag for entertaining little ones at church or older siblings’ sports practices (my bag is a bottomless pit full of random little toys like this)!

This flying dinosaur’s head and wings move and he comes with a little man that he can grab on to with his feet and fly away with.

Gift ideas for kids who love dinosaurs!  Dinosaur toys for boys who love dinosaurs.  Dinosaur gifts ideas for toddlers and babies too!

Electronic Dinosaur Toys

Sharper Image Interactive RC Robotosaur Dinosaur

Electronic Dinosaur Toys

Santa brought this for my son last Christmas and let me tell you, it was a big hit! This guy isn’t too scary looking and the remote control is pretty easy to operate so it’s great for smaller kids and older kids alike.

This electronic dinosaur toy can growl, spin, snore when bored and hunt when hungry. His eyes change colors depending on his mood.

To be honest my son is only 5 so we haven’t even explored all that this guy can do and it’s fine for him and yet there are features for him to enjoy as he gets older. I’m pretty confident that he’d give it 2 thumbs up! It takes 3 AA batteries.

wodtoizi Remote Control Walking Dinosaur Triceratops

Electronic Dinosaur Toys

Well doesn’t this guy look like fun?! So many of the electronic dinosaur toys are Tyrannosaurus Rex so I loved this Triceratops one!

Some of the features are that he can launch missiles, sing & dance, breathe fire (steam), walk, it has a storytelling feature as well as an educational Q&A mode. If Triceratops is not your dinosaur fan’s favorite there is also a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor.

Untamed T-Rex By Fingerlings

Electronic dinosaur toys

Kids love Fingerlings! These Untamed dinosaur fingerlings are perfect for boys. My kids got this one in a cage last Christmas and they love it so much I got them this glow in the dark one this year.

This T-Rex comes in blue, orange, red and black/green. It can grip your finger or hang from it. It is very interactive where it can chomp, growl and move its head and jaw.

Windy City Novelties LED Light Up and Walking Realistic Dinosaur with Sound

Electronic Dinosaur Toys

This electronic dinosaur toy is super popular on Amazon. It’s also quite affordable for an electronic, roaring, walking, light up dinosaur toy. This guy is smaller compared to other walking dinosaur toys measuring only 12″ long and 6″ tall so it’s the perfect medium size toy.

If you aren’t into the purple color there is another similar one who is green with a moving mouth for the same great affordable price.

TEMI Remote Control Dinosaur Electronic RC Toys Educational Walking Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur

Electronic Dinosaur Toys

For kids who like their dinosaurs a little more ferocious-looking here ya go!

This remote control dinosaur moves forward/back, left to right and shakes head. He lights up, makes noises and has a 360 rotation feature. He comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger so you won’t have to worry about buying batteries.

Dress Up Dinosaur Toys

Jurassic World Chomp ‘N Roar Mask Velociraptor “Blue”

Dress up dinosaur toys

My 5-year-old loves “Blue” from the Jurassic World movies and he has this fun mask. If you adjust it properly, the mouth will open and close when they do. He likes to scare his little brother by wearing this (insert mom’s eye roll). It’s a hit!

Jurassic World Velociraptor “Blue” Claws

Dress up dinosaur toys

We have the mask so of course, we need the claws! This is on the list to Santa this year. Your child will love this because they can really get into character.

Dinosaur Animal Face Masks

Dress up dinosaur toys

These cute little masks are the perfect dress up toy for kids who love dinosaurs. Moms will love them too because they don’t take up a lot of space and you won’t need to help put them on. All your kids can play together or get their friends in on the dinosaur playtime. Cheap and easy fun!

Wearable Hooded Blanket Kids Dinosaur Tail Blanket

Dress up dinosaur toys

How perfect is this little blanket? Your guy can get cozy and snuggle up OR pretend to be a dinosaur (or both why not?!) Put your child’s favorite dinosaur movie in and get comfy with this blanket.

Dinosaur Costumes Cape And Masks For Kids

Dress up dinosaur toys

What’s great about mask/cape sets is that they are really easy for kids to put on themselves. They don’t need a grown-up to help them get in and out of a bulky costume. They are more likely to use these over and over because they are less complicated.

The Best Toddler Dinosaur Toys

Melissa and Doug Dinosaur Chunky Puzzle

cute toddler dinosaur toys

This colorful, chunky puzzle will introduce your little one to dinosaurs like Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Hadrosaurus.

Kidtastic Dinosaur STEM Learning Toys

cute toddler dinosaur toys

This is a great introduction to STEM toys for boys or girls who like dinosaurs. Young kids can use the screwdrivers to put together and take apart 3 different kinds of dinosaurs. It’s also great for fine motor development.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Dino

toddler dinosaur toys

Umm what?! A Cozy Coupe DINOSAUR?! I was so surprised to find this! Most moms are familiar with the classic Cozy Coupe by Little Tikes. This is a classic toddler/preschool outdoor toy but with a dinosaur twist. You’ll love watching your little one putter around in their little dinosaur car.

WisToyz Bubble Machine Dinosaur Toy 2 in 1

cute toddler dinosaur toy

Small kids love bubbles. I saw this fun little dinosaur bubble machine and I had to include it. This guy lights up, moves, sings and blows bubbles. You have the option to use it as just a stationary bubble machine or to have it move around. It comes with 2 containers of the bubble solution and a small screwdriver for installing the 3 AA batteries (not included).

LEGO DUPLO Jurassic World Gentle Giants Petting Zoo

cute toddler dinosaur toy

This little set will get your preschooler building and imagining. LEGO Duplo pieces are just the right size for small hands. These cute dinosaur pieces will keep your child entertained.

Disney Pixar Toy Story Rex Figure, 7.8″

cute toddler dinosaur toy

The loveable Rex from Toy Story is the perfect addition to any child’s dinosaur collection! This 7.8″ figure is a great size for smaller kids because it’s not so big that it’s difficult to play and imagine. This friendly guy would make a wonderful gift for toddlers who love dinosaurs, especially if they love the Toy Story movies.

Prextex Dinosaur Volcano House with 5 Plush Dinosaurs

cute toddler dinosaur toy

Toddlers will eat this dinosaur toy right up! A set of plush dinosaurs with a volcano carrying case. I love it when a toy does double duty! You can store the dinosaurs inside the volcano and then use the volcano while playing!

The plush dinosaurs are 6″ and the volcano storage bag is 15″ and the description says they are washable.

I think this little set is so cute. Santa might have to bring this for my toddler this year!

Step2 Dino Rocker

toddler dinosaur toy

Little kids will absolutely love having their very own dinosaur toy to ride on! This child’s rocking toy dinosaur is sturdy and durable but light enough to easily move around.

Fun toy ideas for boys!  Dinosaur toys that boys will love.  Dinosaur toys for kids of all ages.

Dinosaur Toys For Babies! Cuddly Dinosaur Toy Ideas

GUND Baby Crom Dinosaur Baby Stuffed Animal Gift Set

cuddly dinosaur toy for babies

This set would make the most adorable gift for a mom to be or new baby! A cuddly dinosaur toy and the Dinosaur Dance! book by Sandra Boynton.

Moms love books for their babies. Sandra Boynton’s books are classics any child will enjoy for years. Baby can snuggle the plush dinosaur while mom reads to him.

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy 

cuddly dinosaur toy for baby

This cute little guy is full of different textures for baby to explore. He is a teether and baby will love to discover all the sounds he can make with his attached rattle and crinkle fabric.

VTech Chomp and Count Dino A Dinosaur Toy You Feed!

dinosaur toy for baby

I ordered this for my 18-month-old when I found it! Toddlers can feed the dinosaur food while learning colors, shapes, and numbers. There is a counting mode or meal mode. This dinosaur comes with a bunch of different songs, sounds, and phrases that kids can respond to by feeding certain disks.

Awesome Dinosaur Toys For Kids Who Love Dinosaurs

So there you have it! I think we covered everything to help give you some great dinosaur gift ideas. Tons of fun dinosaur toys for kids who love dinosaurs. I personally adore the cute cuddly stuffed dinosaur toys for my youngest and the educational dinosaur toys for my older boys!

What dinosaur toys do your kids love? Did you find this list helpful for finding the perfect dinosaur toy for the dinosaur lover in your life? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to pin this to Pinterest for later and if you could follow The Purple Monarch while you are there, I’d be so happy!

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I use Amazon for the bulk of my recommendations because I’m a big fan of Amazon Prime! I feel like Amazon Prime is incredibly convenient and a mom’s best friend! You need something and it will be delivered within 2 days (or maybe even the next day with select items!) Plus, Amazon usually has detailed reviews of many products and I always take the customer reviews into consideration. **I cannot guarantee price, quality, availability or delivery of items recommended. Reviews are based solely on my own personal experience or preference.

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