I can’t condemn anyone for making these mistakes because I am practically famous for them. There is a huge difference between how we look in our own bathroom mirrors and how we actually appear in the outside world. There must be some sort of filter keeping us from seeing the horrible mistakes in beauty and fashion that are somehow invisible to us in the comfort of our homes. When it comes to looking good, sometimes the odds are stacked against us, but fortunately knowing some of these taboos beforehand can help us to avoid them, at least part of the time.

Mismatched Foundation

I have a few pictures of myself hidden away where my face, normally medium toned, is instead a frothy off-white. If my neck were the same color as my face, I could have just pulled off being unnaturally pale, even sickly, but no, I thought putting foundation on my neck would be overdoing it. I have to keep the photos because they are, after all, my only prom photos, but they also serve as great reminders of once was a terrible mistake.

When applying foundation, consistency is key. I would also advise less is more, because what you’re hoping to achieve is a natural look with just enough coverage to create an even surface and nothing more.

Panty Lines

This is definitely not as bad as having your dress tucked into your underwear, which even if you can’t admit it, is something we are all guilty of. Panty lines do come in a close second when it comes to fashion mishaps. Most of the time we don’t even think about that being a problem until it’s too late and were far from home. Choosing underwear made with elastic lace can help prevent lines but still allow a full coverage feel. If you’re comfortable with wearing a thong, that’s also a great option. Some women swear by going panty-free, though I’ve never been brave enough to try.

Over-Tweezed Brows

I chose to include this over bad fake tans and visible lip liner because unlike those taboos, this one may not be reversible. Tweezing too often can inhibit hair growth, which means your shoddy tweezing job may be a permanent fixture. Brows that are too short, too thin, or too spaced apart are just unattractive and no amount of brow liner can change that.

Tight Clothes

If your clothes shrunk in the wash or you’ve gained a bit of weight recently, you may notice that your clothes don’t fit you the way they usually do. You might try to ignore the signs in an attempt to avoid buying new clothes, but think about the consequences first. Tight clothes can cause lumpiness all around your body including the infamous muffin tops, or as I like to call them, mushroom clouds. If you’re busty, tight button-down tops are the ultimate fashion faux pas because from the front it might not look that bad, but from the side, you’re putting on your very own peep show. You’re much better off buying clothes that fit!

Source by Asia Fujikake