I really could have used a stay at home mom survival guide 8 years ago when I first became a stay at home mom! I did everything wrong (not that there really is a wrong way to be a stay at home mom) but I wasn’t living my best life.

I used to wake up when the baby woke me up, throw on baggy (albeit, comfortable) clothes and just go through my day. No plan. No schedule. I would tiredly drink my coffee all day worrying about how to afford the groceries, what to make for dinner and changing dirty diapers.

Don’t let this be you. Read on for ways to survive as a stay at home mom so you can start to thrive as a stay at home mom and live your richest, most fulfilling life!

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Can You Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom?

Living on one income can be, by far, the scariest thing you will do! If you can find a way to afford to stay home with your kids then you are on your way to play dates and trips to the park.

There is one super important thing you must do to afford to be a stay at home mom. You must build your life around one income.

In order to build your life around your partner’s income, you will probably need to make some lifestyle adjustments and start budgeting.

Here are a few money-saving tips to help you get started frugally living on one income….

Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need To Help With Your Budget

Find things you can live without to trim the fat from your budget.

Could you replace your weekly manicures with an at-home DIY? Can you make your coffee at home? Can you replace paper towels with reusable cloths?

These are just a few things you might be able to give up to help afford to be a stay at home mom. The biggest thing we gave up was cable and we don’t even miss it! Find out what else I ditched to save money so I could be a stay at home mom.

Save Money On Your Kids Clothes

Kids grow fast and are constantly growing out of clothes! There are so many great ways to save money when shopping for your kids.

My 2 favorite ways to save money on kids’ clothes so I can survive as a stay at home mom are to shop at TJMaxx and Marshalls and to use rebate apps like Rakuten or Ibotta.

I have found 24 (what?!) other great ways to save money on kids’ clothes. You’re gonna want to check it out!

How To Afford To Eat Out When You Are Living On One Income

Budgeting doesn’t have to be completely boring where you don’t allow yourself any fun. This is a stay at home mom survival guide we need to keep the fun stuff!

There are still ways to joy eating out when you are living on one income. There are 14 things that I do to make eating out for a family of 5 more affordable. My favorite tip is to take advantage of kids eat free days!

Cheap Meal Planning Hack For Moms Who Hate To Meal Plan

Is everyone on the planet telling you to meal plan? Yes, it is a fantastic way to thrive on one income BUT some people (me) find it challenging.

I desperately WANT to be a meal planning genius. Saving money and eating well? Why yes, sign me up.

The problem is I somehow end up spending MORE money at the grocery store when I try to meal plan. I either overspend because I’m buying ingredients that I don’t normally buy for the fancy meals I’ve planned OR we just end up eating the same boring meals on rotation.

If you are a meal planning pro then high five! Keep up the good work mama. However, if you are like me and meal planning makes your head spin then I’ve got a great meal planning hack you’ll want to check out.

A stay at home mom survival guide.  Stay at home mom tips and ideas for living a simple, frugal life and saving money.  How to organize your day (and life!) as a SAHM.

Must-Have: A Stay At Home Mom Schedule

Becoming a stay at home mom can feel so freeing! You can do whatever you want whenever you want. While that is certainly a beautiful perk to being a stay at home mom, your day can get away from you if you’re not careful.

Get yourself on a stay at home mom schedule ASAP so that you don’t find yourself hitting the pillow thinking “what did I do all day today?!”

Just make sure you actually FOLLOW your schedule or it’s not doing you any good. I like to use a block schedule as my stay at home mom schedule because its easier for me than following a strictly timed schedule.

How To Be Super Productive To Survive As A Stay At Home Mom!

Productivity is key to being a successful stay at home mom. Yes, start with a schedule as I said above. That is step #1 in the right direction.

The most successful stay at home moms takes time for themselves. A little louder for the moms in the back….THEY TAKE TIME FOR THEMSELVES!!!

The most successful stay at home moms take time for themselves.

Yes, this is one of 9 must-do items for a highly productive day. You will recharge your battery and be more capable of tackling that giant To-Do List you’ve got going.

Managing Stay At Home Mom Stress

Stress! It’s bound to getcha at some point in life but especially when you become a stay at home mom. You can expect to be stressed out daily as a stay at home mom. If you’ve got a toddler? Well, buckle up because the stress is going to hit you like a ton of bricks.

Deep breath. It’s absolutely, 100% manageable. The best thing you can do when you get stressed to the max is to breathe. Deep breathing will help slow your heart rate and calm your nerves. So when you’re about to yell, stop and breathe

Ok, I know you’re like, duh I know breathing can help with stress. Deep breathing is just one of 19 great ways to de-stress as a stay at home mom.

How To Be A Happy Mom Not A Grumpy Mommy!

The #1 best, most essential thing you can do to be a happy stay at home mom is to get up early. UGH! I know, I’m so not a morning person either so let me rephrase that.

The #1 best thing you can do to survive as a stay at home mom is to get up BEFORE the kids. Do not let the kids become your alarm. This will completely change your day.

Do not let the kids become your alarm!

Actually having time to wake up and do something for yourself before being thrust into daily mom life is key to avoiding becoming a grumpy mommy!

Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle To Thrive As A Stay At Home Mom

Exercising and eating right is great for your overall health for so many reasons but is even more important for a mom.

  • You want to have the energy to play with your kids
  • You want to live a long life so you can be there to take care of your family
  • You want to set a good example for your children to eat right and move their body
  • You want to manage your stress so it doesn’t eat away at you

If eating healthy and exercising isn’t that easy for you I’ve found 10 tricks to help adopt a healthier lifestyle, some of which are a little unconventional that you probably haven’t tried yet.

You can do it, mama!

A survival guide for stay at home moms.  Tips to thrive as a stay at home mom and get their life organized.

Live A Rich Life – A Stay At Home Mom’s Survival Guide

Ultimately, to survive as a stay at home mom, we just want to live our richest life! Define what a rich life looks like for you and figure out how to get there.

Maybe make a vision board of all the things that enrich your life. Make a bucket list so you don’t lose sight of who you are outside of being a mom.

Being rich isn’t always about having a lot of money.

Define your happiness and don’t let living on one income stop you from reaching that happiness. You might just have to get creative with the budget but you can do it! Being rich isn’t always about having a lot of money.

Thanks for stopping by. Comment below with your favorite tip for surviving as a stay at home mom that should be included in a stay at home mom survival guide! Before you go, don’t forget to pin this post to Pinterest and if you could follow me while you’re there I’d be so grateful.

The Purple Monarch. Living your richest mom life.

{This post is for informational purposes only. All information included is based on my own personal experience and should not replace the advice or care of a medical professional, which I am not. }

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