It’s time to clear the clutter! 99 things to get rid of right now without ever missing!

Home is where you and your loved ones should be able to live comfortably.

Sometimes we get a little to comfortable and let things start to accumulate.

I get it, sometimes it easier to hide it, than it is to throw it away. 

But at some point, the clutter starts busting out at the seams.

How To Get Rid Of Clutter

Why do we keep so much clutter around when it truly makes us cringe?

Think about it, doesn’t the sight of bills and junk mail piling up on your kitchen counter annoy you? It does me. 

In fact, most of the time, the reason our homes look messy is because of so much stuff. 

Wouldn’t you love a clutter-free space that is clean and makes you proud? 

OK then, it’s time to get rid of stuff!

Why It Is So Hard Getting Rid Of Stuff

The reason why decluttering seems so hard is because we have to have the motivation and the right mindset. 

We tend to keep a lot of sentimental things and “someday” items. 

I understand that getting rid of sentimental things can be hard, but those “someday” items gotta go!

If you are having trouble finding the right mindset to declutter your home, then read this post about what really helped me when I was completely overwhelmed by the mess. 

Things To Get Rid Of

The easiest way to declutter your house is to narrow down all the things to get rid of.

Let’s start with simple, because I like simple.

So if something is broken or expired, toss it!

There is no reason it should be taking up space in your home.

The following list will help you get rid of all the easy things that you can throw away RIGHT NOW. 

That’s right, there will be no second guessing this list.

These are all the things you need get rid of anyway. It is easy-peasy! 

99 Things To Throw Away To Get Rid Of Clutter

Things To Throw Away To Declutter


1. Samples of products.

2. Old makeup.

3. Expired skincare products.

4. Expired hair-care products.

5. Old wash cloths.

6. Stained and ragged towels

7. Old perfume

8. Old nail polish

9. Empty bottles

10. Anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months or longer.

11. Old sponges and loofahs.

12. Old razors.

13. Broken hair tools.

14. Old hair brushes.

Medicine Cabinet

15. Expired medicine.

16. Expired vitamins and supplements. 

17. Old toothbrushes.


18. Old sheets.

19. Stained pillowcases.

20. Old throw pillows.

21. Books you didn’t like.

22. Old handbags.

23. Clothes that don’t fit.

24. Clothes that have stains.

25. Clothes that you don’t like.

26. Old underwear.

27. Old pajamas.

28. Anything clothing item that the elasticity has worn out.

29. Cracked belts.

30. Accessories you NEVER wear.

31. Broken jewelry.

32. Old prescription glasses.

33. Socks with no mates.

34. Ripped comforters.

35. Overused candles.

36. Broken hangers.

37. Old magazines.

38. Gloves without mates.

39. Bras with broken wires or straps.

40. Old electronics. *Tip: You can make decent money by selling your old books, DVDs, CDs, old phones and anything tech-related to Decluttr! They give instant quotes and let you ship it for free!

41. Exercise equipment you never use.

42. Old shopping bags.

43. Trash from your handbag.

For more bedroom decluttering tips check out the FREE declutter bedroom checklist.


44. Tupperware with missing lids.

45. Expired pantry items.

46. Expired freezer items.

47. Recipe books you don’t use.

48. Chipped dishes.

49. Old mugs that no one ever uses.

50. Old spices.

51. Take-out containers and plastic forks/spoons.

52. Ketchup packs.

53. Paper clutter.

54. Junk mail.

55. Bills you have already paid.

56. Broken canisters.

57. Old water bottles.

58. Old travel mugs.

59. Plastic lids with no matching container.

60. Burnt baking sheet pans.

61. Scratched pots and pans.

62. Old calendars.

63. Grocery bags.

Find more kitchen organization tips here.

Junk Drawer

64. Old batteries.

65. Take-out menus.

66. Old receipts.

67. Business cards you will never need.

68. Expired coupons.

69. Broken chargers.

70. Phone books.

71. Appliance manuals.

72. Broken pens.

Living Room

73. Old throw blankets.

74. Broken or scratched DVDs/CDs.

75. Chipped knick-knacks.

76. Old remotes.

77. Cords that aren’t needed.

78. Dead plants.

79. Broken blinds.

80. Old decor.

Kid’s Room

81. Clothes that are too little. 

82. Broken toys.

83. Toys they no longer want. 

84. Broken crayons/pencils.

85. Old stuffed animals.

86. Stained clothes.

87. Shoes that no longer fit.

88. Old school papers.

89. Books they no longer want.

90. Used up coloring books.

91. Old video games.

92. Games with missing pieces.

Basement/Garage/Storage Area

93. Broken appliances.

94. Old brooms.

95. Broken storage totes.

96. Storage totes full of junk.

97. Expired cleaning products.

98. Old wrapping paper.

99. Used boxes.

Decluttering Strategies

Don’t do this big decluttering project on your own. Get your family and maybe even your friends involved.

Decluttering your home will lift a huge weight off of your shoulders, I promise!

Now that you have thrown away so many useless things, it’s time to start organizing what you have left. 

Read 10 Organizational Hacks I used to actually Clear The Clutter!

For more tips to help you focus on being more MINDFUL, grab your FREE 5 Day Guide to a More Intentional Life.


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