When you first become a stay at home mom it can feel like you’re doing everything but not actually getting anything done. Having a few of these stay at home mom must-haves in place will ensure you accomplish something in your day and help fight the stay at home mom rut that can be so easy to fall into.

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1- A Good Schedule

Have a schedule so that the day doesn’t get away from you.

I have found over the years that generally things take place at the same time every day, therefore following a time block style schedule works best for me.

Find out more on creating a stay at home mom schedule.

The key for any type of schedule is creating one that works for YOU! It has to work for you so that you will stick to it.

2- Routines Are Important For Stay At Home Moms!

Routines will help your household run smoothly. With some good routines in place everyone in your house will know what to expect.

Let’s get into the most important ones you’ll want to have.

Morning Routine


I really can’t say that enough. I notice a HUGE difference in my mood when I let my kids be my alarm. When I wake up with the kids I’m definitely a grumpy mommy, more sluggish, and it’s just harder to get going.

If you wake up early you allow yourself…

  • Time to actually wake up without having to meet the needs of your kids immediately upon waking!
  • The opportunity to shower, eat, exercise in peace!
  • You have time to yourself to do what YOU want to do! Insert whatever that is here. Maybe it’s a daily devotional, journaling, or bible study. Perhaps you run an Etsy shop or enjoy a hobby like painting. Meditation is also good in the early, quiet hours of the morning.

If you’re just not a morning person (I’m certainly not) then just 10 minutes before the kids wake up to allow yourself the opportunity to get dressed and get a cup of coffee.

School Morning Routine

If you have school aged kids there is nothing worse than a rushed, hectic morning. My son once got on the bus with his shoes in his hand because we fell off our routine.

Have certain things in place for school morning and do them in the same order every day. This helps because your kids and you know what comes next. If you are busy doing something the kids can move right on to the next thing.

A Leaving The House Routine

Doing the same thing, again, in the same order will help your kids understand what’s happening and whats expected.

Toddlers will know that after they put on their shoes, then they put on their coat, then they get their snack or whatever. This seriously helps avoid tantrums and meltdowns right before leaving (it won’t eradicate them completely).

Nap Time/Bedtime Routine

Bedtime will be a million times easier with a no-nonsense bedtime routine in place. Do the same thing, just modified for naptime.

Follow the same routine every night and your baby/toddler/kids will know what to expect and they will sleep better.

Peacefully sleeping children = more down time at night for mom!


3- Quick Workout Plan/Program

*Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program or workout routine.

If you exercise you will feel better. A good exercise routine will help you have the energy to keep up with your kids. Make it a priority!

Try to exercise in the morning when you wake up (before the kids get up of course). You’ll feel great and be ready to go when the kids wake up, plus it’s out of the way so when the day starts to get crazy you don’t need to worry about finding time to workout.

A good workout program should be one that you feel motivated to come back to again and again. Look around and try out a few until you find something that works. You can find workouts on YouTube, download an app, or find programs online through Pinterest or a Google search.

I really like Body Fit By Amy‘s YouTube channel and Lindsey at Nourish Move Love. These ladies are moms helping moms, which is why I love them!

If you really aren’t into following an app or online routine, I highly recommend investing in a jogging stroller so you can get outside for a walk or jog.

I have some other easy hacks to help you focus on your health if you’re interested.

4- A Friend Who Gets It

As you go through the seasons of life you quickly realize that friends come and go. Sometimes this happens on purpose and other times it’s just a gradual change that you don’t even notice happening.

There will be times as a stay at home mom when you feel lost, sad, isolated, depressed, mad, and exhausted. Having a friend who gets it will be your shoulder to lean on in those times.

You don’t need tons of friends, just one GOOD one will do. This could even be your mom, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, neighbor, old college roommate, whomever, just SOMEONE to talk to.

Having a friend who you can call in times of struggle is something everyone can use but is definitely a must have for a stay at home mom.

5- A Stay At Home Mom Must Have A Hobby

You don’t necessarily need a traditional hobby per se but SOMETHING separate from your role as Mom.

Pick something you are passionate about and continue to nurture that passion. Bonus points if you can earn money from. your hobby!

I really enjoy writing this blog and recently I became a high school referee for the sport that I love. These things give me something to do, and they give me an identity so I feel like a person, not just a mom.


6- Meal Prep All-Stars

A stay at home mom must have meal prep all stars to make life easier. Elaborate meals will become fewer and farther between.

Let these guys do the heavy lifting for you! Your meal prep friends will help you get dinner on the table when you just can’t bear cooking.

A Stocked Pantry

Keeping a well stocked pantry will allow you to have a plethora of ingredients to choose from to make a delicious meal for your family.

I’ve never been that great at meal planning so keeping my pantry stocked is how I am able to make dinner without a plan.

Instant Pot

Did the day just get away from you and suddenly everyone is asking “what’s for dinner”? Your handy dandy Instantpot to the rescue!

Toss in your ingredients and dinner will be quickly pressure cooked in minutes. An Instant Pot will be your new kitchen bestie.


Set it and forget it is the way to go! A crockpot will save you on those busy, busy days.

There is seriously nothing better than 6:00 hitting and all you have to do is scoop dinner out of the crockpot onto a plate! The added bonus of using your crockpot is the delicious smell in your house all day.


Stay at home mom must haves to help you stay sane and happy!

7- The “Go-To’s” Every Stay at Home Mom Must Have

Your “go-to’s” are those things that you use time and time again. Something that is tried and true for you. You can rely on it in a pinch or when you simply don’t want to put much thought into something!

These should certainly be in your stay at home mom must haves rotation!

A Go-To Spot For Outings

A favorite spot for outings is a necessity for when you want to get out of the house but don’t want anything complicated. Also, these places should not cost any money.

Ideally this should be a place that doesn’t stress you out to get to! Nothing involving elaborate packing. You don’t need all the snacks, toys, change of clothes etc, etc to go to this place.

A weekly story time at the library, neighborhood park, or a walk around the mall are perfect examples of a go to spots for outings.

You’ll find your favorite spot and it’ll quickly become a must have for you!

A Go-To Comfy Outfit

Let’s be honest, there are just comfy outfit only type days for a stay at home mom! While I whole heartedly believe it is just good for the stay at home mom soul to “get dressed” everyday it’s not always what we need.

Find your comfiest, most amazingly luxurious cozy outfit and keep it on rotation. Maybe even by two?!!

Those days when the baby was up all night and the toddler slept with his foot in your face you’ll be so happy to just have your must-have cozy outfit to pull on.

I love getting cute, comfy t-shirts from Jane that can transition from sweatpants to jeans or shorts.

A Go-To Pulled Together Outfit

So, you don’t want to wear yoga pants every day. You’ll feel amazing and like a real person (not just “Mom”) when you get dressed for the day.

The key to a good pulled together outfit is that it…

  • Is something you can still mom in!
  • Is still comfortable.
  • Is something that makes you feel great!

Better yet have a few go to pieces in your closet that can be mixed and matched so you have several go to outfits!

If you can, think about creating a capsule wardrobe. This is when you have some go to pieces in your closet that you can easily mix and match. You get a lot of bang for your buck.

The Outfit Formulas SAHM Capsule Wardrobe was a HUGE help for me to help me find

A Go-To Babysitter

As a stay at home mom you’ll realize that you are the babysitter. If you need to go to the dentist you probably won’t want to bring your kids with you.

Have a go to babysitter or grandparent who can come over when YOU need to do something WITHOUT the kids in tow.

Another great option is a friend or neighbor who is also a stay at home mom who would be willing to swap babysitting with you.

A Go-To Take Out Spot

For the days when you look in the fridge at 5pm and don’t have the energy to figure out dinner.

Having a go to take out place is a must have! A good local take out place should be inexpensive and somewhere the whole family loves.

Just make sure you allow room for the unexpected eating out in your budget. Don’t forget to add the number to your contacts for easy access!


These Stay at Home Mom Must-Haves Will Help You Keep It Together!

You’ll see these stay at home mom must-haves will help you stay productive and keep you from getting the stay at home mom blues.

My most relied upon must-haves are a friend who gets it (we talk daily I swear) and my routines. I definitely can’t live without these!

For more ways to survive being a stay at home mom, you can read my Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide!

What do you feel you must have as a stay at home mom to keep your life together and avoid the mommy rut? Comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to pin this post to Pinterest before you go.

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