You might think that you are not a doodler.

But most of us have drawn random pictures on the last pages of a notebook during sleepy classes, at least once in our school/college life. 

And you need only those basic skills to start doodling in your bullet journal.

And, it turns out doodling has many benefits for your well-being as well. Now I don’t feel guilty about not listening to my History teacher when she was going on and on about a war that happened in 1566. How was it going to affect me anyway?

What I love about a bullet journal is, how it transforms to everything I want it to be. It helps me to plan my days, set goals, keep me focused on my goals, track habits, absorbs every intense emotion that I pass it to it without judgment (happens during journaling sessions), helps me get creative, etc.

When I say getting creative, it doesn’t mean I am a great artist or doodler. But once in a while, I like to draw simple doodles in my bullet journal. Since you are reading this post, I know you are looking for bullet journal doodle ideas too. 

Let’s get to it now. 

These are step-by-step doodle drawings so that you can follow along easily even if you think you don’t have good drawing skills. 

Let’s start?

Step-by-step bullet journal doodles

plant doodles 

Any beginner to doodling can draw these cute cactus doodles from @estudapotter.

These cactus doodles from @estudateca will add extra cuteness to your bullet journal pages.

Love these simple doodles from @lovebeautyytb!

Another easy doodling idea from @doodlesta.

This step-by-step tutorial is from @appy.doodles. I am featuring more of her pics below. But if you want to be updated about more doodle ideas, do follow her account on Instagram.

This one is from @cozydaydreams. Follow her account if you want more inspiration for doodle ideas and brush lettering for bullet journal.

I got this one from the account @plant.doodles. They curate the best plant doodles from all over Instagram. Couldn’t trace the original account from which the photo was taken.

These leaves and branches doodle is from @splendidscribbles.

This beautiful doodle idea from @elise.studies is easy and can be tried by beginners.

This plant doodle tutorial is from @cozydaydreams, again. I love the third one the most. What about you?

Cute mushroom doodle tutorial from @kouthetiger.

Another lovely mushroom tutorial from @plslars.

Flower doodles

Everyone who has tried doodling must have drawn a flower doodle for sure. The following are some easy step-by-step flower doodle tutorials for your bullet journal.

Rose doodle tutorial from @kohanadiary. She is an excellent illustrator. Follow her account to see more of her work.

Daisy tutorial from @amizaomar. Her account is a must follow if you love drawing simple doodles in your bullet journal. Her doodles are not at all intimidating and she posts tutorials once in a while.

Tulip tutorial from @bujoabby. She has color themes for each month and her Instagram feed is a feast for the eyes. Follow her account for more doodle tutorials.

Beautiful sunflower doodle tutorial from @marthasjournal.

Sakura tutorial from @bujotrulla. She is a talented artist. Follow her account if you like to see more watercolor illustrations and doodles.

Here is an awesome poppy flower tutorial from @essjay_bujo. She has added simple details to the flowers so that it looks more realistic. Love this drawing!

Another floral doodle from @essjay_bujo. Love the colors!

I have always wanted to draw a dandelion. Here is a dandelion doodle tutorial from @cynthiabujo.

If you want to learn flower doodling with all the details and step-by-step instructions, you must follow @bonjournal_ on Instagram. She posts extensively on step-by-step flower doodles. You can learn to draw almost all kinds of flowers from her account.

Amazing gladiolus tutorial from @thebujophase.

Another flower doodle tutorial from @thebujophase.

Learn to draw simple flowers from @julia.pezowicz’s tutorial.

Beautiful flower doodles from @plansthatblossom.

Fruit doodles

Easy watermelon doodle from @myblossomjournal. Perfect for your summer-themed bullet journal spreads.

I don’t know what it is about lemons, but I love the yellow color lemon spreads. Seeing lemon spreads remind me of the refreshing taste of super cold lemonades that we have on a hot summer day. Can’t compare the feeling to anything else, lol! This lemon tutorial is from @bujosonia.

Here is another tutorial to draw a lemon in different ways from @seed_successful_you. She also has a blog where she writes about bullet journals and has “Plan with me” posts where every month you can follow along with her to create bullet journal spreads.

Here’s how to draw a pineapple and kiwi from @junefolio’s tutorial.

animal doodles

Here is a cute whale doodle tutorial from @splendidscribbles. Her account has more animal doodle tutorials if you want more ideas. I am listing another one below.

I can’t take my eyes off this cute crab, lol!

Another cute, squishy octopus from @splendidscribbles.

Easy snail and toucan tutorials from @lifeinabujo.

Love this elephant tutorial from @bows.and.bullets.

Super easy ladybird doodle tutorial from @amizaomar.

Can’t get over the cuteness of this step-by-step bunny doodle tutorial from @bujoabby.

Honey bee tutorial from @cozydaydreams. Perfect for your bee themed spreads. If you see only the finished picture, it feels intimidating for a beginner. But when you have the step-by-step instructions, it gets easy, right?

I love this cutie sheep and penguin tutorials from @junefolio.

Drawing a panda made easy by @Julia.pezowicz.

Loving this cute step-by-step bug tutorial from @explorejournaling.

Finally, here is a tutorial for doodling sea creatures from @ginger.bullet.journal.

weather and season doodles

Doodles for all weathers from @elise.studies.

Colorful weather doodles from @splendidscribbles. You can also watch her video doing this on her account.

Different ways to draw a raincloud from @splendidscribbles again.

Rainy day doodles from @creative.journals.

Fall leaves tutorials from @planwithady. She is an awesome artist. Check her account out if you want to see videos of brush lettering and her drawings.

Another fall tutorial from @couleursduvent.

Cute summer doodles from @appy.doodles. If you want more summer doodles, click on the above picture, and click again from Pinterest to go to her Instagram page. And click on the right arrow (on desktop) or swipe left (on mobile) to see more pictures on the same post.

Spring and winter doodle ideas from @cozydaydreams.

Who doesn’t crave for hot cocoa on a cold winter day? Any chocolate lovers here? Here are warm winter drinks doodle ideas from @seed_successful_you.

Travel and holiday doodle ideas

I love planning travel adventures in my bullet journal. Doodles help you to decrease stress related to travel and make your memories more lively when you go through the pages later in life. I am even thinking about starting another journal for travel planning and creating memories.

So here are some travel doodle ideas for your bullet journal or a travel journal.

Ideal for your dream Paris trip. From @creative.journals.

Tutorial to draw Eiffel Tower doodle from @junefolio.

Here is how to draw travel icons from @mashaplans.

Ideal to make the memories of your amusement park trip lively! Another great doodle idea from @creative.journals.

This train from @bows.and.bullets reminds me of the train journey that Harry and his friends take to Hogwarts and back to home every year. Have you ever fancied that train ride?

Finally, a doodle tutorial of Instax mini camera from @seed_successful_you.

festival and birthday doodle ideas

Here are some doodles to make each festive season more fun in your life and in your bullet journal.

I love these Christmas doodle tutorials from @ginger.bullet.journal. Do check her account out for more doodle ideas.

25 Christmas doodle ideas from Rhoda of You can get doodle ideas for the whole month from her post. And also, you can get a free PDF of the step-by-step walkthrough of drawing 6 doodles if you sign up for her email list.

Christmas doodles from @mashaplans. She also has a Youtube channel where she has videos on bullet journal doodles, icons, themes, etc. Do check it out here.

Here is another cute Christmas doodle tutorial from @seed_successful_you.

Now let’s move onto Halloween doodle tutorials.

Tutorial from @lasirenailustra.

Another good one from @seed_successful_you.

Love this one from @creative.journals.

Simple, yet cute Easter doodle ideas from @nicolegracestudies.

Now, here are some birthday doodles.

Beautiful bow and cake tutorials from @bows.and.bullets.

“How to doodle gifts” from @appy.doodles.

What about this balloon tutorial from @mishbujo? Love this!

Valentine’s Day tutorial from @appy.doodles.

And we shall end this section with striking red lantern tutorial from @Eliana.journals.

food doodles

Check out this New York City doodles from Check this website out if you want more doodle tutorials for bullet journal.

Tutorial for tea and coffee lovers, from @buujoolove.

Fast food and ice cream doodles from @doodles_by_nastia.

Another ice cream tutorial from @anouksbulletjournal.

Cuteness overload! Cupcake tutorial from @bulletsandconfetti.

Harry Potter doodles

This small section is for all the Potterheads out there!

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Harry Potter from @creativeplan. I am so excited to try this!

Here is another tutorial for Harry Potter things, from @nicolegracestudies.

Now, here is the entire Harry Potter crew! Not entire, but many of our favorite characters are there. This picture is from @sarazorel, whose account is a great resource to learn to doodle. She also has a part two for this picture where she has drawn more Harry Potter characters.

To draw along with her, check out her Youtube videos for drawing Harry Potter characters and Harry Potter items.

The last one is from @ginger.bullet.journal.

unicorn doodles

Unicorns have gained immense popularity in recent years. Here are some ideas to create unicorns in your bujo.

Step-by-step unicorn doodles from @lasirenailustra.

Unicorn from a different angle, by @estudasamuel.

Unicorn in a box by @din_notes.

pattern and divider doodles

Pattern doodles from @bujobycacs.

Love this one from @nicolegracestudies!

Super easy doodle dividers from @appy.doodles.

Beautiful dividers from @Dylan.r.bryant.

Wreath doodles from @plansthatblossom. Ideal for cover pages.

headings and banner doodles

So many great ideas for bullet journal headers from @theartofbujo.

More innovative ideas from @pausaparaestudoss.

Banners tutorial from @thebujophase.

Planner icons to use for daily planning, from @plansthatblossom.

hot air balloon doodles

Getting a hot air balloon ride is on my bucket list, especially in Cappadocia. Have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride? Here is a tutorial from @sofieshandlettering on how to doodle a hot air balloon.

Easy ways to draw hot air balloons from @explorejournaling.

book doodles

Learn to doodle books in different ways from this useful tutorial from @splendidscribbles.

Another great tutorial from @suem0mo.

So, that’s over 100 doodle tutorials for you to begin with. Let me know in the comments if you want more ideas, I will try to find and add to this post.

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